Call automation &
Speech technology

Call automation &
Speech technology

The future of customer contact

At Telecats, we deliver innovative customer contact solutions with speech technology and artificial intelligence. We facilitate the contact centre by identifying the customer and classifying the customer intent. We assist the customer by routing calls to the most suitable contact centre agent or self service solution. We support the agents by providing all relevant information at the start of the conversation and by showing response suggestions during the call based on language and speech technology. We identify problems based on conversation characteristics and choice of words. In short, Telecats brings optimisation and insight into your customer contact.

The natural way of routing Speech routing

Speech routing gives customers the opportunity to state questions in their own words. 90% of all questions can be classified using speech recognition, which means a boost of self-care with 15% and redirected calls are recuded by up to 20%. AHT is reduced by up to 45 seconds per call as a result of routing with voice recognition and CTI. This has a positive effect on customer and employee satisfaction.

Recording & transcription Speech analytics

In addition to the standard reports, speech recognition provides insight into the handling of customer contact per topic. By combining and analysing the NPS score, the CDR data such as date, time, waiting time, talk time and the intent of a conversation, call and process optimization is within reach. Is it a repeat caller? Is the call routing correct? Is there a lot of call forwarding? Which topics have a high AHT and low NPS? In just a few clicks you’ll know.

Chatbot usable by phone Conversational service

As speech recognition improves, the demand for fully spoken chatbots increases. The conversational Speech API can be used to conduct a voice-controlled conversation over the phone with a chatbot. The text input is replaced by the results of the speech recognition. The answer is then given using Text-to-Speech.

What can speech technology do for your customers?

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The Telios Contact Center Solution (Telios CCO) has extensive possibilities for reporting opening hours, calamities, caller identification, IVR menus and offers ACD functionality with skill-based routing and priority. Telios CCO makes it possible to assign multiple skills with adjustable priority to each employee in the contact center. When routing incoming calls, a free employee is searched on the basis of the required skills.


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