Telecats, founded in 1993, is a technical supplier of contact center solutions, IVR, Speech Recognition, AI and speech analytics. We supply mission critical solutions for (large) Telco’s, Finance, Emergency Services, Contact Centres (both in-house and outsourcers), etc. Our systems can handle thousands of concurrent calls and allow call setup rates up to 100 calls per second.

Telecats was acquired by Webhelp in April 2017, but retains the Telecats label and supplies products and services independent from Webhelp. Naturally, our solutions seamlessly interface with products and services provided by other affiliates of the Webhelp Group, but we offer similar interoperability with third-party solutions & providers.

Our Mission

The application of language and speech technology at processes around customer contact in the communications domain.

Telecats, the obvious choice

The obvious choice

Telecats is a reliable partner and guarantees you an optimal 24 x 7 service in combination with a sensible reduction in labour costs. You decide, we think along with you! Customer satisfaction of you and your customers is key to this.

Telecats is the Dutch market leader for customer contact solutions with IVR, speech technology and VoIP

We deliver tailored solutions and provide optimal setup with focus on reducing service costs and improving your customer service

Our employees are highly trained, most of them with a university degree

We have extensive experience in developing, implementing and installing systems turnkey on location or as a managed service.

Our solutions result in satisfied customers and cost savings

We help our customers to deliver outstanding and efficient customer services