Sanoma optimizes match employee and customer

Sanoma’s ambition is to remain the largest publisher in the Netherlands. At Sanoma, the Customer & Campaign Services (CCS) department is responsible for service provision and sales. The CCS serves the subscribers, but also carries out work for Sanoma’s brands. With dozens of strong brands such as, VT Wonen, Linda, AutoWeek and of course Donald Duck, there is always a marketing campaign going on somewhere. Sanoma believes in the power of personal contact. The live conversation is therefore of great value.

Match between customer and employee becomes more and more important

Sanoma and Telecats see that the match between employee and customer is becoming increasingly important. The explanation for this is simple: simple questions are handled more and more automatically. In more complex subjects, commercial feeling, creativity and empathy play a role. If an optimal match is made between the context of the customer and the characteristics of the employee, there is a greater chance that a pleasant and meaningful conversation will take place.

Employees and customers are increasingly being divided into groups with specific characteristics. In this segmentation, the intention is that the most ‘challenging’ customer contacts will be routed to the most experienced employees. That is still quite a challenge for organisations at the moment.

Intelligent routing with the Telios Contact Center Solution from the Cloud of Telecats

Sanoma switched to Telios CCO from the Telecats cloud last week. Telios CCO has extensive capabilities for optimising the routing of customer contacts. When routing calls, an employee is searched for and forwarded based on the required skills and priority. In addition to the call, the employee automatically receives all the necessary information on the screen via CTI (Computer Telephony Integration). Has the customer been in contact before, via which channel and about what? In order to enable an employee to give the right answer, an integration with Sanoma’s underlying customer systems has also been developed.

Carmen Vriesema, Manager Customer & Campaign Services at Sanoma: 
“Telios CCO enables us to route our customer contact intelligently on the basis of data intelligence and machine learning. See it as a dating site: on the basis of which characteristics can we come to the best match? This intelligent routing is about more than just employee and customer characteristics. It is also possible to predict how long it will take before the most suitable employee will be available. In other words: to make the best choice for the customer at any time for the most positive experience with Sanoma.”

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