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IVR self-service

Fast and efficient identification of customers, classification of call reasons via IVR and speech technology for self-service. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system enables the caller to communicate directly with information systems by pressing the keys on the phone. The main advantage of IVR is the near 100% input accuracy. IVR is an ideal solution where numeric information is required or when the number of menu options is low (<5). If dialogue complexity increases, speech recognition becomes more convenient and eventually inevitable.

Speech recognition offers the possibility to communicate in a nearly natural way with machines. Fullly natural dialogues with mixed-initiative are possible operating Telecats systems. The system understands what is said, and responds with the correct answer. Speech recognition systems are highly ergonomic. The input can be more complex and user dependent than with IVR, resulting in improved dialogue results and the possibility to automate complex self-service applications. Speech recognition is inevitable when the input is too complex to be submitted through an IVR system. Examples are: city names, destination locations, the name of a person, ZIPcodes, date and time. Moreover speech recognition is desirable when more than one piece of information is needed to complete the dialogue.

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