Quality monitoring with speech technology

As developer of speech technology for contact centres, we increasingly get the following questions: Can you also say something about the caller's emotion? Are our customers satisfied after the conversation or not? And can you indicate whether the conversation between customer and agent is going according to plan or whether someone should intervene? With language and speech technology, we can detect emotions in speech.

The basic emotions of fear, anger and happiness are similar in all cultures and therefore detectable with software analysis. It is more difficult to detect things like irony and sarcasm because they are more subtle and differ from one culture to another. But silences in a conversation, crosstalk and raised voice are emotion markers we can capture very well.

In addition to analysing the sound signal, we are also able to recognize what is said with speech recognition. This way, we know what is being said and how it is being said. We can also see how long the callers pause before the next spoken word. If the conversation is escalating, the attendees are more likely to interrupt one another and talk louder using certain language.

With the combination of all these metrics, we can indicate fairly accurately that the conversation is in danger of escalating. The same approach is used to determine whether callers are satisfied or not.

It is not that simple, but it turns out that the average calculated by the computer is fairly close to what we (humans) would assume.

Real-time Dashboard

Based on this data, a real-time dashboard can be created where all on-going customer contacts can be displayed in addition to the basic conversation data, as well as the level of emotion in the conversation. This can be used for training and support by supervisors.

The supervisor has a real-time overview of all live customer contacts and can easily select, monitor and support agents remotely. In addition to the basic call data, the level of emotion in the conversation can also be displayed as an option. The supervisor can immediately see when a conversation threatens to escalate and if necessary, intervene or use it for future training and support.

Speech Analytics

The use of Speech Routing provides customer contact management with real-time information about possible trends and the TOP 5 frequently asked questions. In addition to the standard daily, weekly and monthly reports, speech routing provides insight into the handling of customer contact by topic. If you want even more management information about the customer contact processes, speech analysis is the ultimate tool. In the case of voice analysis, telephone calls are entered into the contact centre and processed and analysed with speech technology.

Real-time assistance

With speech technology we can convert real-time speech into text and compare the conversation with previous conversations and accessed data in the knowledge database. This information and way of working by more experienced colleagues, for example with response suggestions, can be automatically displayed on the agent's screen during the call.