Recording & transcription

Why do your customers call? What are these calls about? What are customers satisfied with and what not? Valuable information for the entire organisation. With recording & transcription this information becomes available.

Phone calls are recorded in high quality and transcribed (real-time). Supplemented with Call-Detail-Records, this information provides the basis for extensive analysis.

With the Speech Transcription Farm, Telecats provides a robust and scalable solution for making automatic transcriptions of calls. The solution supports call prioritisation with profile-based processing so that the results of important calls are available earlier while the processing of the remaining calls continues, 24 hours a day.

High quality stereo recordings

Calls can easily be recorded with the passive call recorder and converted to text with voice recognition. The data can be exported to a BI reporting environment where calls can be selected based on the subject or other call data.

The call recorder records all calls in stereo via SIP. The recordings are stored in high quality audio, resulting in better and accurate processing with the speech recognition. After processing, the recordings can still be compressed for storage. After processing there are separate recordings and transcriptions of the speech of the customer and the employee. In addition, the recorder is equipped with various API’s for example for temporarily pausing the recording, events, filters and opt-out request.


The Speech Transcription Farm currently supports the languages Dutch, English and French and can use sector or customer-specific language models to perform speech recognition. It is also possible to tune the speech recognition in one of the supported languages to the language of the callers and employees. To this end, a certain set of recordings is manually transcribed so that the speech recognition gets to know the language of the callers and customers better.


The output of the Speech Transcription Farm is JSON for an easy export of the data to existing BI systems. With this data, calls can be selected based on the subject or other call data.


The solution can be delivered on-site or purchased as a service from the cloud.

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